Protecting Your Digital Assets

Digital asset protection has been a growing concern in today’s world.

Interview with Mari Frank, attorney and privacy consultant on protecting digital assets.

The term digital asset refers to all your work, personal or financial information that is stored electronically on your computer or a cloud-based system online. Digital assets may include, but are not limited to: Digital documents, audible content, videos and any other relevant data that is currently in circulation or will be stored on digital appliance such as: computers, tablets, cellular phones and data storage devices.  Today, because we use email, cellular phones, and use social media accounts and bank online, we have digital assets that need protection. Some of these assets have monetary or sentimental value and require password or even two-step protection which may be very difficult to retrieve in the event of incapacitation or death.

I recommend using a simple tool such as the Digital Asset Protection Worksheet which our office will gladly send you upon request. Please fill out the form below: